Mission:  To create a healthy and pioneering residential eco-community with a teaching center focused on modeling best-practice approaches to the diverse energetic arts including conscious living, yoga, meditation, dance, permaculture, and spirituality.  A place that integrates a functioning day-to-day community with visiting guests who are coming to learn at the center.

Values:  Peace, Ecological Wisdom, Social Equity and Empowerment, Learning and Growth, Sobriety/Consciousness, Compassion and Love, Pleasure Positive, Spiritual Development, Self-Reliance and Cooperation.

Upcoming events:

Mahalo for supporting the growth of Lolia Foundation’s eco-village & events at Lolia Place! Donations and expenses may be exempt per IRS 501(c)3 rules for a non-profit, public charity. Donations can be sent via Venmo or Paypal to nfcommunications@gmail.com. You will be provided a receipt with the Lolia Foundation EIN# and IRS letter upon request.

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Lolia Place Features


  • 1800 sq ft yoga, dance, meditation gathering space

  • Accommodations and meal plans onsite

  • Clean & beautiful sustainable community

  • Close to beaches, volcanos, waterfalls

  • Entertainment Hawaiian style

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