Mission:  To create a healthy and pioneering residential eco-community with a teaching center focused on modeling best-practice approaches to the diverse energetic arts including conscious living, yoga, meditation, dance, permaculture, and spirituality.  A place that integrates a functioning day-to-day community with visiting guests who are coming to learn at the center.

Values:  Peace, Ecological Wisdom, Social Equity and Empowerment, Learning and Growth, Sobriety/Consciousness, Compassion and Love, Pleasure Positive, Spiritual Development, Self-Reliance and Cooperation.

Mahalo for supporting the growth of Lolia Foundation’s eco-village & events at Lolia Place! Donations and expenses may be exempt per IRS 501(c)3 rules for a non-profit, public charity. Donations can be sent via Venmo or Paypal to nfcommunications@gmail.com. You will be provided a receipt with the Lolia Foundation EIN# and IRS letter upon request.

QUodoushka with Amara Charles at Lolia Place Hawaii
with Amara Charles

Eco-Love with Dr Serena Gaia at Lolia Place Hawaii
with Dr Serena Gaia

Yoga Teacher Training with Shy Sayar
Yoga Teacher
Training with
Shy Sayar

Hawaii Tantra Festival at Lolia Place
Tantra Festival

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Lolia Place Features


  • 1800 sq ft yoga, dance, meditation gathering space

  • Accommodations and meal plans onsite

  • Clean & beautiful sustainable community

  • Close to beaches, volcanos, waterfalls

  • Entertainment Hawaiian style

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  • Check out the SUMMER 2017 newsletter:

Lolia Place Event Guide

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